Documents & Resources

The resources and templates below are specific to mental health nurses who are Re-credentialing. Please ensure you DOWNLOAD ALL resources and templates.

If all documentation is provided and your application is complete, allow up to eight weeks for application processing and review.

Use the CMHN logo

Once Credentialed, you can use the CMHN Logo on your signature block or business card.

To be sent the logo, please email to request the Rules and Guidelines document and Agreement Form. Once you have read the Rules and Guidelines document, sign and return by email the Agreement Form.

Update your details

  • Would you like your practice details listed? 
  • Have you changed the location in which you live and work since your original provision of information for our online list of Credentialed Mental Health Nurses? 

To provide or update you details, please email to request the form. Once you have complete the form, return to the College, and we can update your details or add you to the list!

C4N Professional Re-credentialing Application Guidelines (1 Mar 2017)

The Re-credentialing Guidelines are designed to assist you with completing the application process. It is very important that you read this document first and then refer back to it as you progress through the application process.

Download PDF

ACMHN Appendix to the Re-credentialing Guidelines (updated 23 Oct 2017)

This Appendix should be read in conjunction with the C4N Professional Re-credentialing Guidelines.

Download PDF

CPD Evidence Based Record (MHN) Template – Re-Credentialing Applicants (updated Feb 2020)

Nurses should use the Specialist Nurse Credentialing Program professional development template to record their continuing education and practice related activities.

Download doc


A C4N EBR App has been developed to provide Credentialed nurses and prospective Credentialed nurses with a user friendly CPD portfolio to document professional development relevant to credentialing.

Simply go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and search for 'C4N EBR'. Once you have completed your report you will be provided with instructions on how to include your report in your online application.

ACMHN CPD Evidence Based Record Guide

The EBR is a means for you to document your Continuing Professional Education (CPE) and Continuing Practice Development (CPD) relevant to mental health nursing. A completed EBR must be submitted with the application for Credentialing.

Download PDF

C4N Employer Statement – (MHN)Template (updated July 2019)

You need to verify the amount of experience you have gained in mental health nursing over the last three years by providing a statement from your employer(s).

Download doc

Employer Statement - Qld Health Employer Template*

*If you are a Qld Health Employer, you can request a 'Employment Confirmation Statement' from your Payroll Office.

C4N Reference Template (MHN) – Re-credentialing (updated July 2019)

Please provide the reference template to one referee to ensure all the required information is obtained and your application will not be unnecessarily delayed.

Download doc

C4N Documentation Checklist – Re-credentialing Applicant (updated July 2019)

Download a checklist to ensure you have the required documentation ready to upload.

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